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Hi, My I'm Gary, welcome to the website for my recorded radio shows.

I've worked in radio since 2011 presenting live shows and in 2017 I decided to start producing and presenting my own radio shows to be aired on other stations because I felt this type of show was missing from schedules.

In 2017 Blast from the Past was first sent out to other stations globally and in 2019 Blast from the 80s was introduced.

In 2020 after being asked to produce a 90s show, Blast from the 90s was added as well.

The shows have gone from strength to strength and I've been fortunate enough to talk to some great people on the shows, including Carol Decker, Limahl, Owen Paul, Nick Hayward, The Vapors, Clark Datchler, Ian Donaldson, & Charlene. 

There are some great plans in the works for both shows, more interviews and content so click on the social media links below to keep updated on this and more

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

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